COVID19 Mortgage Scam Warning

COVID19 Mortgage Scam Warning

With every crisis comes those who are out, posing as relief, only to try to rip us off!  With many people out of work, those people are concerned about being able to make their home mortgage payment.  Below is a link where we’ve posted the News Release from the Ventura County District Attorney warning us of scams offering to secure forbearance options (skipping payments for a period of time) for your mortgage and other loans.

The biggest take away for us from the news release was YOU DO NOT WANT TO RESPOND TO THESE OFFERS.  First of all, the lenders are not going to reach out to you … you need to reach out to them through their website or by calling their customer service.  Most lenders’ websites have a special COVID19 banner or button to apply for aid if you need it.  Go there.  Do not respond to any solicitation saying they will secure it for you if you give them all your information.  It is simple to do it yourself by calling your lender or applying over their website.

For More Info on How to Keep You and Your Family Safe Click Here

-Mary & Dan