YourBestEdge Team

Mary Gregoryk
Dan McAllister

Aside from the financial, convenience and security advantages Mary and Dan offer through their innovative approach, when you are working with one of them, you get two! Mary and Dan offer two perspectives which work to the advantage of their Buyers and Sellers. “We fill in each other’s blanks so our clients get the advantages of both of our strengths.”


Prior to working in Real Estate, Dan’s background was in Engineering and Manufacturing Management. He moved his family to Camarillo in 1990 to work at a manufacturing firm in Carpinteria as Vice President/ General Manager until 2002. After leaving the manufacturing firm, Dan earned his Broker license and opened a franchise real estate office which soon became the #4 most productive office in Ventura County. “Having traveled all over the world selling everywhere but in my own backyard, I wanted to work and give back within my own community. Real Estate gives me that opportunity.”


Having a manufacturing background along with Masters Degrees in both Engineering and Business Administration, Dan brings a systems focus to the partnership. “The manufacturing experience brings a quality orientation to our processes. We want to make certain everything gets completed in a timely manner, our clients are well served and we constantly improve.”


Dan is one of those few people with strong technical skills who also relates well with people. “My Dad taught me, regardless of their background, you can learn something from everyone and their experiences if you just listen.” One of Dan’s greatest skills is being able to break complex topics (like a real estate purchase agreement) into understandable concepts everyone can comprehend. Better yet, he understands and can explain how to use the contract to give his clients the edge they need to win. “Our clients, whether Buyer or Seller, move forward confident they understand what they are doing and will get the best outcome possible.”


Mary grew up on a farm in Nebraska as one of nine kids. Her strong work ethic, reliability, people skills and good humor show in everything she does. “With eight siblings, I had to know how to negotiate win-win deals … I would be living with them for a long time!” She learned from a very young age with hard-working parents, you do what it takes, as long as it is honest, to get the job done!


Mary moved with her family to Camarillo in 1996. She built a thriving hairdressing business from scratch. “I remember attracting some of my first clients by simply walking through the neighborhood and handing out my fliers, introducing myself. My business became all referral and repeat clients.” In 2004, life took a turn and she was now to raise her children as a single mom. “I always told my kids you are never too old to learn something new. For many years I dreamed of being a Realtor and now was the opportunity.” After the kids went to bed at night, Mary studied for the Real Estate Exam, passed the test and continued on to run her real estate business: working hard, being reliable, understanding her clients’ needs and delivering on them.


Mary met Dan through his wife, Debbie, as a haircutting client. After talking about real estate with Dan, she earned her Real Estate license and joined Dan’s firm in 2009. “I could tell her work ethic and client focus would take her far in Real Estate,” says Dan. After completing a few transactions together, they both could see they work very well together and bring the best of both to their clients. When it came time to form “YourBestEdge” it was a no-brainer they should do it together. “We are both very driven to deliver high value. The common drive along with our innovation and complementary skills provides an unstoppable force for our clients.”

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