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How Does Working With Us Give YOU the Best Edge?
YourBestEdge Buyer’s Advantage™
When you’re purchasing a home, we know it’s a big deal. There are so many options to consider and so many challenges to navigate. And when you DO finally find that perfect home, you want to be assured that you have an advantage in the market over the competition. YourBestEdge Buyer’s Advantage is an “out-of-the-box” approach that delivers all of that and more!


With our innovative system to home buying:

  • YOU stay in control
  • YOU are fully informed
  • YOU stand out to sellers
  • YOUR offer gets top consideration
  • YOU get the best deal
  • And our buyer rebate options give you the opportunity to save even more of your hard-earned money!


Call us for an appointment to learn more about the YBE Buyer’s Advantage system that gives YOU the best edge over other homebuyers!

YourBestEdge Transparent Listing™
When you’re selling a home, we understand that you want to receive full market value for your home in the shortest amount of time – and with the least interruptions of your life. YourBestEdge Transparent Listing is the revolutionary approach that delivers all of that and more! Buyers are drawn to your house, and typically it results in multiple offers within 2 weeks of hitting the market!
(Do we have your attention now?)


When we transform your house into a YourBestEdge Transparent Listing:

  • YOUR house gets attention
  • YOUR house is presented in the best light possible
  • YOU know what you’re selling
  • YOU maintain your privacy and security
  • YOU get full market value
  • YOU sell your home in the shortest time possible
  • And our variable commission plans give you the opportunity to save even more of your hard-earned money!


Call us for an appointment to find out how we can apply the YBE Transparent Listing system to your house!